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We are pleased to welcome you into the wonderful world of orthodontics as evolved by Dr. "Wick" Alexander. The Alexander Discipline is a combination of time proven "truths" learned from past orthodontic giants and over 40 years of trial and error, evaluation, and research.

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Dear Friends,

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In evaluating my international travels over the past 40 years, in addition to meeting so many wonderful people, one of the highlights has been watching the development of study clubs. Ask anyone who has participated in these groups and they will testify how valuable it has been to them. I can see improvements annually.

To those of you in “developing” countries where you are beginning study clubs, you need to understand that it is not necessary to fulfill all the details when you first begin. Bring what you have as a beginning (study models, photos, x-rays), then each time improve on the quality of the records … and treatment.

Learning should be FUN! So enjoy this excellent way to learn.

Effort = Results

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