The Alexander Discipline

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We are pleased to welcome you into the wonderful world of orthodontics as evolved by Dr. "Wick" Alexander. The Alexander Discipline is a combination of time proven "truths" learned from past orthodontic giants and over 40 years of trial and error, evaluation, and research.

Website Updated May 2016


Meet The Speaker

Over the years, Dr. Wick Alexander has attempted on occasion to put into words certain statements that relate to his philosophy, techniques, treatment mechanics, and conclusions reached to better produce the finished orthodontic results. Some of these statements have been published as articles or incorporated into book chapters, while some have never been published and are now made available through this website.

The purpose of this page is to share these thoughts with you in hopes that they may answer some unanswered questions you have, or at least inform you of the thoughts and beliefs behind the Alexander Discipline.

Initially beginning with the three articles below, articles will be posted on this page weekly. You are encouraged to engage actively in the education process by asking questions and commenting on these subjects.