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We are pleased to welcome you into the wonderful world of orthodontics as evolved by Dr. "Wick" Alexander. The Alexander Discipline is a combination of time proven "truths" learned from past orthodontic giants and over 40 years of trial and error, evaluation, and research.

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Wick... From West Texas to the World

An Ordinary Man Going beyond His Dreams

Published May 2016
206 pages

About the book

Wick… From West Texas to the World: An Ordinary Man Going beyond His Dreams chronicles the life of Wick Alexander. Born into the Greatest Generation, Wick learns the values of family, faith and an extraordinary work ethic at an early age.
From the classroom to his professional employment, Wick’s guiding principle is never, “Why me?” but rather, “Why not me?” Embracing every opportunity that crosses his path, Wick builds a successful career, family, and life using unfaltering dedication and the help of the guardian angels that light his way.
An inspirational story of one man’s path from a simple youth in West Texas to becoming one of the most successful and respected orthodontists in the world, Wick… From West Texas to the World encourages readers to pursue their dreams and goals with energy and dedication.