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We are pleased to welcome you into the wonderful world of orthodontics as evolved by Dr. "Wick" Alexander. The Alexander Discipline is a combination of time proven "truths" learned from past orthodontic giants and over 40 years of trial and error, evaluation, and research.

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Alexander Discipline International Symposium


The 2016 Alexander Discipline Symposium was a huge success! The event attracted over 120 orthodontists from 12 different countries around the world to Arlington, Texas.

The event involved two days at the Hilton at Arlington involving powerful lectures on the Alexander Discipline as well as networking lunches and dinners with the Alexanders in attendance. The event also extended to Saturday at the Alexander's ranch, Hill Creek filled with socializing and fun, Texas themed activities.

We are still gathering photos and personal experiences of the ADI Symposium.

To submit your photos and experience of the event please email with the subject line: "ADI Symposium for ADI Website".

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